Underground Civil Engineering: Playing An Important Role in Singapore’s Transport Systems

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Our roads and Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system are familiar modes of transportation for many people. With an increased standard of living in Singapore, there is always a demand for better design and development of the transport system.

The continuous work done by the civil engineers and civil engineering contractors has helped transform Singapore’s transport system to cater to our ever-changing needs.

What is Underground Civil Engineering?

Underground civil engineers design, construct, manage, and maintain Singapore’s underground infrastructure, like tunnels, cables, water and sewage pipes, as well as our MRT system, with the help of a civil engineering contractor.

Environmental factors like soil and rock behaviour, groundwater conditions, excavation method, and existing infrastructure have to be considered a lot more carefully to ensure the safety and reliability of the underground infrastructure.

Underground Civil Engineering and Singapore’s Transport System

We rely a lot on our transport infrastructure to get around Singapore. Underground civil engineering has helped develop the underground tunnels and MRT system to where it is today.

Increased connectivity: In land-scarce Singapore, we tend to build our roads and more MRT stations underground to maximise the use of land and increase connectivity at the same time. Current MRT projects include the construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) and Cross Island Line, which will be fully built underground.

When the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) opens, it will reduce the transfers needed and the transportation time it takes for residents to travel to the city. It will also relieve overcrowding on the other train lines.

The increased interconnectivity and reduced transportation time are only made possible by the continuous transport planning and design by underground civil engineers.

Greater Safety: Maintenance works need to be carried out regularly for greater safety. This includes the inspection of roads for damage or any wear and tear. Underground civil engineers play a big part in ensuring that safety is continuously improved.

Our MRT system has to also undergo constant upgrading so it can run as efficiently as possible to meet travel demands. For example, the power supply and track circuit systems in the MRT system are in the midst of upgrading for better fault detection and greater service recovery.

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