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    gas pipe laying

Leading Underground Gas Pipe Laying Contractor in Singapore

Lih Ming Construction is a leading underground gas pipe laying contractor in Singapore. Our company offers underground gas pipe laying services, including construction and installation, regular inspections, repair and replacement of underground gas pipes.

With over 40 years of experience, we have the professional staff and in-house equipment to handle all your underground gas pipe laying needs in Singapore.

Experienced Staff with Extensive Underground Gas Pipe Laying Experience

We have a team of staff with extensive civil engineering experience, especially in underground gas pipe laying. Our highly trained workforce has strong work ethics and is committed to finding the best solutions to match all our customers’ requirements and budgets.

Before the construction of any gas pipeline, our workers will carry out risk assessments and stringent checks that meet the safety requirements of the authorities in Singapore.

Professional Equipment to Expedite Various Projects

We have the necessary equipment to install and maintain low, medium and high pressure gas pipes, ranging from 32mm to 500mm. We also own various testing tools to expedite the testing procedures of the project.

Our Underground Gas Pipe Laying Services

Construction and installation of underground gas pipes: Our gas pipes are constructed with different materials ranging from PVC, HDPE to high-strength steel with anti-corrosion coating so they can last long without any damage, even during excavation and earthworks.

Regular inspections and repair of underground gas pipes: We carry out frequent gas pipe tests and inspections to ensure that the pipeline network is in safe working condition. Any leaking pipes will be repaired quickly and safely.

Replacement of underground gas pipes: We will carry out the necessary replacements of any damaged or worn-out pipes as old and corroded pipes will affect the integrity of the pipelines.