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Leading Civil Engineering Company in Singapore

Lih Ming Construction is a leading civil engineering company in Singapore. Our company offers civil engineering services, including cable installation, overground and underground utilities and infrastructure, as well as the construction and maintenance of roads.

With over 40 years of experience, we have the professional staff and in-house equipment needed to handle all your civil engineering needs.

Experienced Staff with Extensive Civil Engineering Experience in Underground Services

We have a team of staff with extensive civil engineering experience, especially in underground services. Our highly trained workforce has strong work ethics and is committed to finding the best solutions to match all our customers’ requirements and budgets.

Professional Equipment to Expedite Various Projects

We have an in-house capability to successfully complete Turnkey Power Cable Installation projects up to 220kV. We also own various testing tools to expedite the testing procedures of the project.

Our Civil Engineering Underground Services

Cable installation: We specialise in building electric cable, gas, fibre optic and telecommunications pipeline networks, as well as underground power cable installations — even under the most challenging environments. We provide all services for low, medium and high voltage cable laying jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Route planning
  • Project scheduling, drawings and installation plans
  • Executing Civil works
  • Equipment and Manpower for cable pulling
  • Directional drilling
  • Installations in tunnels, ducts or open trenches
  • Vertical installations in shafts

Underground utilities and infrastructure: We supply and lay steel, ductile iron and HDPE pipes for underground and overground installations. Sizes range from small to large diameter pipe for industries relating to water, fibre optics, telecommunications, oil and gas, as well as electric cables.

Construction and maintenance of roads: We support our customers in all phases of road construction, from the design to the construction and maintenance of the roads. To further enhance safety and improve traffic management, we provide portable traffic lights and deploy skilled traffic controllers to direct the traffic.