Proper Underground Drainage System: How They Help To Prevent Flooding In Singapore

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The recent spate of light showers and heavy downpours have brought cooler temperatures to the otherwise hot island of Singapore. However, the constant rainfalls have also brought significant water management challenges such as water filling up the city’s drains and canals quickly to their full capacity.

If not properly managed, flooding will become more common, especially in lower-lying areas. This will cause significant widespread damage and inconvenience to everybody. Underground drainage systems are therefore extremely important in helping to manage our flood risks more effectively.

How do underground drainage systems work?

In short, underground drainage systems are water drainage systems located below the surface. They help to carry water away from the surface level quickly, preventing floods from happening.

Singapore has undergone rapid urbanisation over the last few decades, with more paved (impervious) areas like roads and lesser green spaces like forests. During a storm, this increases peak flows that generate more runoff. The increased runoff will flow faster into the drainage system over a shorter period. Without green spaces, the water has less time to be regulated by infiltration into the soil and cause floods.

During rainfall in an urban city like Singapore, water will pool on the many impervious surfaces such as streets and sidewalks that do not allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground. However, with a proper underground drainage system, the water will then flow underground via manholes. They then pass through underground pipes that will transport the water to designated areas which discharge the water safely.

Why are underground drainage systems important?

Underground drainage systems have the following advantages:

Divert excess rainwater quickly: A proper underground drainage system is crucial to ensure that water is diverted quickly from the surface. Excess water can easily flow down below the ground, instead of pooling above the ground. The water will then be diverted to canals and water storage tanks via underground pipes. This minimises the risk of having floods all over Singapore.

Space-saving: Installed completely below the surface, underground drainage systems allow the space at the ground level to be used for amenities such as buildings and shopping malls. There will not be any pipes above the surface that will take up precious land space. This underground system is suitable for developed areas with site constraints, especially in land-scarce Singapore.

Underground Pipe Laying Expert in Singapore

Climate change has caused many more extreme events to happen across the world— including Singapore. Singapore, a low-lying island, will be hit harder by these heavy rainfalls that can cause water levels to rise quickly and flash floods to happen more frequently. Stronger and heavier downpours are already becoming more common in the city, with the rainfall reaching a 38-year record high in late August this year.

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