Lih Ming is a story about when one goes beyond expectations, one can grow beyond expectations.


The story begins 39 years ago in 1979 with a hardworking man called Ah Tze. The only skills he had was laying gas pipes which he picked it up on his own. But he does it a bit differently. He believes in doing more than a good job. He believes in doing it better than anybody else, no matter how small the job may be. Or even unprofitable. The job must be done. And it must be done well. He believes in doing it exceptionally well, beyond expectations.

It was done so well that eventually the father needs more hands. Like any old-school veteran, he roped in his only two sons. Not only imparting his skills, he imparted his rigorous work ethics as they worked side by side with their father, getting their feet literally wet in the mud, laying one pipe at a time, connecting each pipe to another, inevitably intertwining their lives and future.

As they worked hard, the brothers perfected theirs skills and grew the company beyond expectations. They started to rope in their friends, always believing in the potential of people around them. The friends believe in the brothers too. Together, they grew from strength to strength with the same work ethic of going beyond expectations of others and themselves.

This is Lih Ming beyond expectations.