Our History


The story began over 40 years ago in 1979 with a hardworking man called Ah Tze. The only skill he had was laying gas pipes, which he picked up on his own. He does it a bit differently- he believes in doing more than a good job. He believes in doing it better than anybody else, no matter how small or unprofitable that job might be. The job must be done well. He believes in doing it exceptionally well, beyond expectations.

It was done so well that the father eventually needed more help. Like any old-school veteran, he roped in his only two sons. He imparted not only his skills but also his rigorous work ethic as they worked side by side, laying one pipe at a time and connecting each pipe to another, inevitably intertwining their lives and future.

As they worked hard, the brothers honed their skills and grew the company beyond expectations. They roped in their friends, always believing in the potential of the people around them. The friends believe in the brothers too. Together, they grew from strength to strength with the same work ethic of going beyond the expectations of others and themselves.

Lih Ming Construction’s history shows that when one goes beyond expectations, one can grow beyond expectations.

Established Underground Civil Engineering Contractor in Singapore

With over 40 years of experience, we have the professional staff and in-house equipment needed to handle all your underground civil engineering needs. Our highly trained workforce has strong work ethics and is committed to finding the best solutions to match all our customers’ requirements and budgets.

Held to the highest standards of safety, we are an L5 registered contractor with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore. We are also accredited with IMS-ISO 9001, BS-OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, BizSafe Star and Singapore Quality Class (SQC)

Our clients include government agencies, statutory boards, building and civil engineering contractors and other MNCs.

One-Stop Service Provider

We provide a wide range of services, including underground civil engineering services like cable installation, overground and underground utilities and infrastructure as well as the construction and maintenance of roads.

We also provide underground gas pipe laying services like construction and installation, regular inspections, repair and replacement of underground gas pipes.

We have an in-house capability to successfully complete Turnkey Power Cable Installation projects up to 220kV. We also own various testing tools to expedite the testing procedures of the project.

Our Civil Engineering Underground Services

Cable installation

  • Underground utilities and infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of roads

Our Underground Gas Pipe Laying Services

  • Construction and installation of underground gas pipes
  • Regular inspections and repair of underground gas pipes
  • Replacement of underground gas pipes