Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Safety in Underground Construction

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Singapore has limited land resources compared to many other countries with similar commercial growth. As a solution to overcome this challenge, underground constructions have become highly popular. However, underground construction projects have a number of challenges and risks associated with them. Therefore they demand proper planning and execution, adhering to a comprehensive set of safety guidelines. As a matter of fact, the key to carrying out a successful underground construction project is contacting a reputed underground project management company in Singapore that prioritises safety measures. In this article, you will learn more about the ways to mitigate potential risks of accidents and ensure safety in underground construction projects.

Preparing for an Underground Project

Any underground construction project in Singapore requires approval from several authorities, to begin with, such as the Building Construction Authority (BCA), the Land Transport Authority (LTA), and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). In order to get the necessary approvals and start work, a risk assessment and a set of safety protocols should also be put in place prior to beginning the project. This way, you can identify potential hazards associated with the project and mitigate them by taking proactive measures. Furthermore, all workers involved in the project should be well-trained regarding the safety protocols, and they must be provided with proper protective equipment.

Ensuring Workers’ Safety

When you take the risk of accidents associated with underground projects into consideration, it is highly important to prioritise workers’ safety regardless of the size of the project. In order to provide adequate protection to all the personnel involved in the construction project, the following requirements should be fulfilled.

1. The PPE Kits
The PPE kits are mandatory for every worker engaged in an underground project. This includes hard hats, safety goggles, reflective vests, safety gloves, safety shoes, and harnesses. Wearing necessary safety gear is extremely helpful in preventing physical injuries in case of an unanticipated hazard.

2. Respiratory Protection
In any underground construction site, the chances that workers may breathe in dust, fumes, or other airborne contaminants are high. In such situations, it is important to provide them with respiratory protective equipment, such as masks, to safeguard their respiratory health.

3. Lighting and Visibility
Unlike the construction sites on land, underground construction sites receive limited natural light. Nevertheless, this issue can be solved by providing adequate artificial lighting equipment, such as flashers, as they provide sufficient visibility. This way, you can avoid accidents such as slips, trips, and falls.

4. Specialised Tools
Underground projects require special tools and equipment apart from regular construction tools, such as intrinsically safe lighting equipment and non-sparking tools. With the use of these tools, you can significantly minimise the risk of ignition in potentially hazardous environments.

The Importance of Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

With all the above safety measures put in place, you can further ensure safety in an underground construction site and mitigate risks associated with it through continuous monitoring and proper maintenance procedures. Regular supervision of structures and equipment such as scaffoldings, safety harnesses and ropes, and machinery utilised is also an important part of monitoring. Moreover, you can also keep a tab on the air quality in underground spaces, especially when working in areas prone to the accumulation of hazardous gases. This way, you can make sure your project is a success while keeping everyone involved safe and sound.

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