How Underground Civil Engineering Shaped Singapore’s Shopping Malls

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Shopping is touted as one of our nation’s pastimes. It is no wonder that Singapore is well-known as a shopping haven for locals and foreigners.

There are a myriad of malls in Singapore. But did you know that underground civil engineering has contributed a lot to the construction and maintenance of these ubiquitous shopping malls?

Why Do Shopping Malls Have To Go Underground?

Due to Singapore’s land scarcity, the government, underground civil engineers, and underground civil engineering contractors have been looking at underground spaces in Singapore to better utilise the spaces.

There are three strategies identified to maximise our finite land resources of 718km2.

  • Go higher by building taller buildings
  • Go wider by reclaiming more land
  • Go deeper by developing underground spaces

Shopping malls, carparks, pedestrian links, and utility infrastructure are built underground over the years for better land optimisation.

Underground Civil Engineering and Singapore’s Shopping Malls

From the underground malls where we shop to Underground Pedestrian Networks (UPN) that promote better connectivity, underground civil engineering is all around us.

Built roughly 12m beneath the ground, most of Singapore’s underground shopping malls and UPNs are concentrated in the Central Business District and Orchard Road shopping district.

In the year 2000, CityLink Mall was first constructed, becoming Singapore’s first underground shopping mall. Subsequently, in 2013, Marina Bay Link Mall was also built to expand Singapore’s underground pedestrian network in the Marina Bay area.

The electricity used to power these underground shopping malls also come from underground sources. Underground civil engineering contractors and their workers completed the tunnelling for 35km cable tunnels in April 2017.

High voltage power transmissions cable tunnels were constructed 50m to 60m deep to prevent competition for shallow underground space and to have minimal utilities diversion in future.

Future of Underground Civil Engineering and Singapore’s Shopping Malls

The work of civil engineers has contributed greatly to the design and development of a better living environment for all Singapore citizens. It has helped to transform this land-scarce city into a modern state, with advanced urban underground developments.

Further plans to extend the networks within the core city areas have already been drawn up by civil engineers, underground civil engineering contractors, and the Singapore government.

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